Sunday 31 May 2020

World No Tobacco Day

We are what we consume.

 It is applicable to both physical and mental state. We become healthier if we maintain a balanced diet. On the other hand, we become unhealthier if we consume unwanted products. And we all know health hazards of tobacco. According to statistics of WHO, tobacco kills more than 8 million people each year.

If a common man spend 10₹ daily on tobacco, then have a look on the figures below :
1 Day      -10
1 Month -300
1 Year    -3600
10 Years-36000
20 Years- 72000
From the above calculation we conclude that a common man will spend more than 70000 in 20 years. Spend will vary from person to person. If we see it in inflation point of view then the above cost may doubles or triples.
These are the people who invest like SIP to get cancer and other health hazards. Some of them announce proudly that they can live without a meal but they  can't survive a day without tobacco. Lockdown was a tight slap who talk like this.

Lockdown Lesson

Lockdown played a key role in taking away tobacco addiction. All had to live without tobacco as there was no supply. It saved their money as well as their health recovered to some extent.

Situation is going out of our hands...

Tobacco companies are targeting teenagers. They are using small influencers to celebrities for this.
If someone narrate his painful story to show how helpless he was, he is wrong taking tobacco. It is not the solution.

I have some Ideas....

1.Think about your family and friends.
2.Is not it dangerous for your future generations ?
3.What they will learn from you ?
Above questions will work like antidote against tobacco addiction.
Further we should make instructions for our mind. We should record it and listen it before going to sleep at night. Observe the changes in you.

Share it to those whom you wish to see happy.

#Say No to Tobacco

With Regards

Thursday 14 May 2020

Lockdown Rhyme

Stay in your Region, 
You are not in Prison
Live for a Reason, 
Sharpen your Vision
Learn nature's Lesson, 
Strengthen your Passion
Do Self-Introspection, 
Master your Specialisation
Pay Attention, Focus on Preventions
Maintain social distancing and other Precautions
Tackle the Situation, Be an Inspiration
Join the Mission, Support the Nation

Have a look on my article- " What to do during lockdown "

Monday 11 May 2020

Corona Timeline

           China to my village

World ➡Country➡State➡District➡Block
  • 31 December 2019 : First case in the world reported by China. It was found at Wuhan city of China.
                   After 30 days....
  • 30 January 2020 : First case in India. It was found in Kerala state.
                  After 45 days....
  • 16 March 2020 : First case in Odisha.
                  After 45 days....
  • 29 April 2020 : First case in Jharsuguda district.
  • 03 May 2020 : First case in my village Kudaloi which comes under Lakhanpur block.
  • 11 May 2020 : Jharsuguda out of Corona.(Good news)

Speed of virus is not determined by the above days gaps. Social distancing and other precautionary measures are the limiting factors of the virus.
The pandemic is not over. But let's hope for the best. I am waiting for the day when the whole world will be free of Corona.
Corona taught us a lot of things. 
Hope we will restart soon.

Till then, Stay Home & Stay Safe

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