Monday, 10 May 2021

Wise use of words

 I had participated in an online competition organized by EG Pathshala. The competition was named as 'Wise use of words'. 

Rules :

- Write three sentences on COVID-19 using words starting with "C"

- Words should not be repeated 

It's result declared today. I got second position in this event. And I am very much glad to share what I had framed for this event.

1- Continuity in cold and cough are clue to COVID, compromising which can create casualty.

2- Choose or cultivate culture crucial to counteract COVID crisis and cease its compounding at any cost.

3- Be confident and courageous in this combat, rather than confusing, contribute to your community like a caring citizen with courtesy.

Photo by Polina Zimmerman from Pexels

Hope you liked it.




Lambodar Padhan 


  1. Good going. Keep on sharing good stuff.πŸ˜‘

  2. Very nicely phrased πŸ™Œ

  3. Marvelous u as always

  4. Comrade lambodar creating concrete concern for COVID combat.
    Care, courage and confidence could keep us strong.

  5. ବହୁ଀ ଭଳ ΰ¬Ήୋ

  6. Excellent.....πŸ‘πŸ‘


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