Monday 19 April 2021

Is COVID really out of control ?

 The fight against COVID-19 is not over yet. It is becoming more dangerous with time. It is breaking its spreading record very fast. Death toll is rising daily. Researchers all over the world are trying to control it. Another chapter added to emerging health risks.

In future, it will be studied as one of the biggest conspiracy. 


1- Mutated strains are spreading faster and infecting to all age groups.

2- It is not feasible to test everyone on a daily basis. 

3- Although there are many questions on vaccines, it can't be made available to all (time taking process).

4- Lack of drugs and beds in hospitals. 

5- It is fatal for people with comorbidities.

6- Weekend shutdowns are ultimately leading to crowd in markets on previous day.

7- Again our economy is injured.

To Do

1- Follow all precautionary measures. 

2- Focus on diet rather than taking vitamin supplements (drink sufficient water, eat vitamin B,C rich fruits and vegetables)

3- Do light breathing exercises 

4- Share positive vibes in your circle 

This article will helpful to you👇

"What to do during lockdown "

Points to Remember 

1- Don't forward messages from unknown sources. 

2- Even if you are at home, ensure about circulation of air inside your room.

3- If you find any symptoms of COVID-19, isolate yourself. 

4- Don't be panic, be conscious.

Plus point is that our immune system is quite more efficient as we survived with the virus for more than a year. Although we don't know when the situation will improve, atleast we can do what is in our hand. We are physically distanced but socially connected. Let's hope for the best.


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