Sunday 14 November 2021

India International Science Festival 2021

 Good news for all science enthusiasts !

The seventh edition of India International Science Festival (IISF) is going to be held from 10th December to 13th of December in 2021 at Panaji,Goa. The Ministry of Earth Sciences, Ministry of S&T and Vijnana Bharati along with the Government of Goa are the organisers of IISF 2021. National Centre for Polar and Ocean Research (NCPOR) of Ministry of Earth Sciences, an institution situated in Goa, is the nodal agency to organise the IISF 2021.

This is an event which intensify the role of science in every sector. This helps to unite school children to professionals. It focuses on spreading science to every corner of our country. It's editions were going on well upto 2019. And as we know how COVID-19 affected our social life. Maintaining social distancing was the key weapon against COVID-19. So keeping COVID-19 in view, 6th edition of IISF was organized in online mode. Slowly and bit by bit normalcy is returning to life and big success in vaccination drive has raised the extent of confidence in folks to resume to routine work. Considering these factors IISF 2021 will be held in combined physical and virtual mode. As we are celebrating the seventy fifth year of Swatantrata all the programs can mirror the spirit and plan of Aazadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav.

You can register for the event from the given link :

So don't miss the opportunity, share the message within your friends circle. 

I am also sharing a dedicated WhatsApp group link where like-minded people can join and plan for a meet at IISF. Kindly join below :

Thursday 11 November 2021

Examination Fear

 Today's experience at examination hall :

My midterm examination is going on. Today I was having my developmental biology paper. I reached exam hall just before it started. I found everybody sitting in their respective places. I took my seat and filled my credentials in answer sheet. Then we got questions. I felt like I knew nothing. I watched the questions for about ten minutes. I was not getting response from the brain. Scientific words were disappeared from my mind. However I started writing like hitting around the bush. Unnecessary thoughts about the result day were distracting me to concentrate on the paper. The exam ended like a bad dream. After exam I discussed some questions and found wrong. I felt guilty and came back to room. I have done my part and now I have to be ready to hear from the teacher. I have to balance myself. So I started to recall some good thoughts. There is a saying "this too shall pass". It helped me to get rid of the situation for some time. Sorrow decreases when it is shared with others.But it will take some more time to heal myself. 

I think it is a common psychological behavior and shown by all at certain time. We can minimize its expression but it's difficult to fully suppress it. 

Observable symptoms :

- Sweating 

- Increased heart beat 

- Nervousness 

- Vibration in the body 

Reading thoroughly everything just before the exam leads to a mixture of everything in the mind. Lack of proper preparation is a major cause behind it. It get worsen by overthinking about results during the exam. It is easy to come in a rank. But it is difficult to be consistent in that position. 

In my childhood, I used to worry about good marks. After 12th, I tried to cross the 50% marks. And now in PG, I bother only about passing the exams. However I am still struggling to improve. 

And inviting you all to the comment box, share how you cope with the exam fear.


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