Sunday 28 August 2022

Happy National Sports Day

In India, we celebrate national sports day on the birth anniversary(29th August) of the hockey legend Major Dhyan Chand. On this day we remember the nation's sports heroes and champions. Their hardwork and dedication towards sports inspire us. We need to be healthy to live a happy and long life. Discipline, teamwork, sportsman spirit, leadership, etc. are the sports values which are the major components of success in life. The best investment is investment on our health. Sportspersons are the role model of many youngsters. 

Fit India Movement is the campaign run by the ‘Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports’ (MYAS) to aware people about the importance of being fit and healthy. If you are a sport enthusiast, you can join this dedicated WhatsApp group and share information regarding upcoming marathon, walkathon, cyclothon and other opportunities related to sports. 
Here I would like to promote a fitness app, Growfitter. Use the referral code "LAMBNNOG". This app basically counts steps. In activity section, you can walk, run or do cycling to earn an active day. You can join in challenges and win rewards.
Comment below which sport and how it has changed your life. 

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