Sunday 3 January 2021

Resolution 2021

 Although we suffered a lot I found best thing about 2020 is recovery of nature. It recovered itself to some extent due to lockdown(reduced human activity). I have not gone through COVID test. However I am safe till now. Hope you all are safe also. 

So we entered into 2021 according to Gregorian Calendar. New year celebration was over. When new year comes, many people make their resolutions. But very few people act upon it. First 2-3 days passes in wishing. I usually make resolution on my birthday. Let me share some with you people  :

1- I will do exercises daily to maintain good health. 

2- I will maintain a diary to record important events. 

3- I will plant trees.

4- I will increase my reading speed. 

5- I will increase my spiritual quotient(SQ).

6- I will strengthen my skills and learn some new skills. 

7- I will spend money wisely. 

8- I will try to help people by my initiatives.

9- I will visit 1-2 states.

10- I will increase my reader base.


The picture is showing countries of my readers.(source:Google)

I would like to thank all my readers .

I feel happy if you share your feedbacks and resolutions in comments or send an email on 

Hope you all grow faster than 2020.

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