Saturday 15 August 2020

Independence Day 2020


Today we celebrated our 74th Independence day maintaining COVID-19 guidelines. One year ago nobody thought of such situation. I hope situation will be better on our platinum jubilee celebration. However, we showed patriotism on digital platforms.

Let's go to past.
Before British invasion ,our country was self-reliant. Our country(Sone ki Chidiya) used to export only. It attracted people from all over the world. It included invaders also. Our motherland lost enormous amount of wealth due to these invasions.
But we suffered the British rule for longer time. It destroyed our self-sustained systems of Education,Agriculture,Business,etc. I don't believe that these losses can be recovered.
However after Independence our country emerged as the largest democratic country. A lot of sacrifices were done. We can't forget our freedom fighters. Today we are able to celebrate due to them only. 

Friends, we all can't go to boarder and fight to serve our nation. We should support our nation from within. In my opinion it is time to promote our local products. Today world is at our fingertip. So, before going to purchase anything, please see it in google.

Let's join hands.
Promote indigenous industry/products by heart.
Share your valuable ideas.



Vande Mataram
Bharat Mata ki Jay
-Lambodar Padhan


  1. Let's make our country sone ka haathi 🐘

    1. There are many people who need help. Come forward.

  2. 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  3. Hey Lambo...
    It's very glad to see the great things you are doing time by time....
    Really it's very overwhelming.....
    Jai Hind....


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