Saturday 28 March 2020

What to do during Lockdown ?

What to do during Lockdown ?

#Fight Against Corona

#Stay Home Save Lives

Although we are in a war like situation, we can use this lockdown as stimulant .We should use this crucial time properly. It is time for introspection. I want your few minutes. Let me share some of my ideas that may help you. Sometimes we should use pen and paper along with mobiles (to make notes). So note the followings :
“It takes 21 days to form a new habit. "

1. Make To-Do List (What you will do after Lockdown)

2.  Maintain a diary (Capture these days)

3.  Develop book reading habit

4.  Look some patriotic movies (I can recommend)
5. Learn a new skill (that increase your   Credebility )
6. Practise Yoga and Meditation (for all-round development)
7. Search  for indigenous industries (using local products lead to economic prosperity of our country)
8.Content writing (Poem,Story,Paragraph,etc.)
9.Make  Awareness  Videos
10. Choose your aim in life or make it stronger if you have decided already
11.Study about great characters of our Puranas ,Vedic sculptures
12.Where to Invest (Invest; after hearing this word ,everybody thinks about money, but  Time investment is more powerfull)
13.How you can Contribute to Society .

With my knowledge and experience I sorted out this list for all of you. Now I will be happy if you share in which points you are interested and will start from now.

It will be better if you all arrange above points (e.g.7,6,8,2,1,5,10,...) according to your priorities and please share with me. I wish to know you all.
Respect for seniors and Love for juniors.

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        -Lambodar Padhan
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