Monday 7 June 2021

Stock Chit Chat

 Stock of the day - Dt:04/06/2021

Indiabulls Housing Finance Ltd.


This is today's graph. This is one of my best stock. I was having 50 shares that I sold at 226₹ previous friday. And I was happy. But what happened today was beyond my imagination. If I waited for another week then I would have earned a good return. 
However, I don't want to take risk. I measured the market overvalued as its graph is increasing amid this second wave of pandemic. 

Just see the difference:
Today's low-   227.75
Today's high- 272.75
Generally stocks decrease on friday. But this stock performed extraordinarily. I had placed sell order at 245₹ at about 2.40pm. It was at its day high at that time. 
And just after few minutes I saw it as only buyers. But still I was hoping that it will come down. Instead of coming down, it breaks upper circuit twice which happens very rarely. My heart beat rate was increasing. I was not able to exit my position as time crossed 3.20pm. For that I have to pay 59₹ extra charge. However, my position was exited with the loss of 905₹.
I am not an expert in stock market. But I am following this stock for more than a year. And my advice is whenever you get this stock near 200₹, buy it. You will get a very good return in long term. 

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